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PACERS is a non-profit (501c3) association committed to sustaining and celebrating Alabama's rural communities and schools and linking them together to build the good futures they seek. As a statewide caucus and advocate for rural communities, it organizes and supports comprehensive rural education and community development programs of national quality.

Our Projects: Rural Science For Life
Aquaculture. Students learn science and environmental principles, develop career skills and connections, and assist their communities by operating recirculating aquaculture systems that serve as complex living labs.

Our Projects: Community Documentation Through the Arts and Sciences
Community Newspaper. Students learn scommunication, computer, public relations, and business skills while being an advocate and providing a voice for their communities. (click here for detailed information on PACERS projects, its benefits, and how to participate)

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Box 249 | Westover, Alabama | 35185
Email: admin@pacersinc.org